For Lazuli

I close the door behind me shutting out the day’s troubles
Gold-green eyes beckon to me out of the darkness
drawing me into their sweet mystery
and for one shining moment the worries of the day fade away

No need for spoken word though words I speak
(I’m loquacious after all)
my words returned in kind with earthy meow.
Now I know I’m truly home.

I turn on the light, the light put to shame by the
glow emanating from her eyes
then the Meow Sonata begins in earnest
chiding me for my too-lengthy absence.

And how can I blame her?
I listen to her plaintive grievances
and offer my apology contritely
Then all is forgotten, no grudges held.

I settle down to bed for the night
She joins me expressing her love unconditional
And licks my nose in display quite untraditional
But I understand. Such gestures are not to be questioned.

Even I who drink deeply from the fount of life’s labor,
Even I who suffer withdrawal pangs when at last I rest,
Understand the bounty of her gift complete
and into sweet rest with her retreat.

I turn the light off
(With her eyes, who needs light?)
and after long and arduous day of toil
commune with her through waning night
and drift off to sleep, beloved feline by my side.

—Robert Hieger
    November 1, 2004

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