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My web design efforts thus far have relied on static, non-interactive XHTML techniques. With my present studies at NYC College of Technology, I add standards-compliant CSS-based presentation. My current efforts involve retrofitting my existing designs to include these techniques. Action Racket Theatre is a labor of love for my sister and her colleague. Lissa Moira’s web site uses older table-based layout and is now being retrofitted with CSS-based styles. As I absorb new skills, my intention is to slowly retrofit both of these sites.

Action Racket Theatre
Lissa Moira Web Site

SOME Resources

W3 Schools—A Great Resource for Web Designers. Extensive tutorials and try-it-yourself demonstrations. Subjects include XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.

Dev Articles—This site provides extensive information on subjects ranging from web design and development to computer programming

Quackit—This comprehensive site provides tutorials on everything web-related, from XHTML to CSS to JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, XML and more.